He truly stole the show last night!
John Rodriguez

Airshow of the Cascades, Madras Oregon

This was one of my favorite parts of the show! Flying was incredible. Who is this guy, they never announced his real name.
Dan Shaw

Airshow of the Cascades, Madras Oregon

Stefan, aka the Immortal Red Baron, performed at the Wings over Winston 2018 airshow, and was a huge hit with my crowd of over 3,000 spectators. The “unexpected” nature of his arrival, the dog fight, machine gun fire, and obvious aerobatic expertise of both Stefan and his “target”, Stephen Covington in his Pitts S2S Raptor, made a stunning sight overhead. We are already making plans to bring Red Baron back next year!

Mike Forster.

Wings Over Winston, Louisville MS

We just completed our annual Wing Out West airshow the highlight of which was a stunning WWI aerial dogfight between the “Immortal Red Baron” and a worthy adversary from the Allied side. The Immortal Red Baron lived up to his reputation as a master of the skies,…but he was also a great addition to our show with his sense of showmanship and willingness to work with us to present his act in a way that told the story we were presenting.

In the months leading to the show, the Immortal Red baron worked tirelessly with another pilot to perfect the dogfight act, and it really showed as they  held the crowd spellbound. I had a modern day jet fighter pilot say to me that he had a new appreciation for aerial combat in WWI after watching the act, terming the close quarters action “essentially a knife fight in the air”.

I would hire the Immortal Red Baron again for our show without hesitation, and can recommend him without hesitation to any organization wanting a top notch act for their show. 

Jerry Kidrick

Airshow Director, Wings Out West